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Printed PVC Banners,
Design and Manufacture

PVC banners are the perfect outdoor advertising solution, ideal for both short-term and repeat use. Bold and durable our outdoor banners are a guaranteed way to grab attention, ideal for promotions and outdoor events.Printed on a selection of weather-resistant materials and completed with welded hems with eyelets for hanging, outdoor pvc banners deliver efficient and long-lasting results.

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Eyelets Rings for Banners

Banners for advertising, banners for general signage or banners for temporary signs. One way or another there is not a banner application where we have not been able to supply the right eyelet. Our eyelets, rings, grommets are used in banners for many advertising and exhibition companies, they are hard wearing withstanding harsh weather, and they are manufactured in brass and stainless steel and can be plated in various colours to suit your needs.

What Is Banner Hemming? Hemming is the process of folding and bonding together approximately 1 inch of extra material around the edges of the banner on all 4 sides.Hemming bonds together 2 layers of vinyl, creating a one inch edge that is double thick and double strong, dramatically improving sustainability of the sign to the elements - wind, stress, uv and tear resistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hang my outdoor banner?

If you have ordered eyelets in your banner, we recommend cable ties or bungee cords to affix these in place.

Are outdoor banners waterproof?

Yes, PVC material is waterproof making these banners ideal for all weather conditions.

Can banners be used indoors too?

Yes, of course. Indoors or out, banners are an excellent product to get big messages seen by passing traffic.

Can these be used for birthday banners?

Outdoor banners are excellent for birthday's, events or any special occasion.

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